Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Pelosi Revolution

At this writing, the House tally is as follows (updated 11/8, 2:11PM):

D - 234
R - 201

When the Republicans took the House in the Gingrich Revolution of 1994, the tally was:

R - 230
D - 204

So we have officially surpassed that bellweather. And it's not over yet. The Democratic majority in the House will increase.

This is the Pelosi Revolution. And it didn't come two years into a first term presidency, a wake-up call to an administration teetering on the brink, but with ample time to shape up and get re-hired. Nope -- This comes in a re-elected president's sixth year.

This is no wake up call. This is a bum rush. This is, "Don't let the door hit ya..." Or, y'know: do. Repeatedly.

Should be very interesting to see how the president reacts. I can imagine him trying to be gracious. I can't imagine him succeeding. He should totally get Jenna and Barbara to weep uncontrollably at his side, like Santorum did. Ah--Good times.


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