Friday, October 27, 2006

NBC Orders 3 More Studio 60 Scripts

It's not a Back 9 Order, and the show is clearly on life support, but NBC is not ready to give up on Studio 60 just yet. Today's Hollywood Reporter says that the network has ordered three more scripts.

Which should make some people very happy. Even if they don't end up commissioning the episodes, those scripts will get leaked and/or published.

Update: Televisionary reports that NBC's Kevin Reilly said yesterday he would be "taking a long, hard look" at Studio 60... which may not be the last nail in its coffin, but it's close.

'Visionary also reports that NBC has bumped the order for Paul Haggis' Black Donnelly's up to 25 episodes, which means they like what they see. (Question is: will we?) Who wants to bet Donnelly's ends up in S60's slot before the end of the year?


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