Wednesday, October 25, 2006

NJ Supremes Legalize Gay Marriage!!!

But they won't force NJ to call it "marriage."

Held: Denying committed same-sex couples the financial and social benefits and priveleges given to their married heterosexual counterparts bears no substantial relationship to a legitimate govenrmental purpose. The Court holds that under the equal protection guarantee of Article I, Paragraph I of the New Jersey Constitution, committed same-sex couples must be afforded on equal terms the same rights and benefits enjoyed by opposite-sex couples under civil marriage statutes. The name to be given to the statutory scheme that provides full rights and benefits to same-sex couples, whether marriage or some other term, is a matter left to the democratic process.

I may pass out. . . Right now, I don't give a shit about the consequences for the election. And I'm *certainly* getting drunk tonight!!

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Update (10/28/06): NYTimes Editorial:
All this is, as everyone knows, just a show for rousing the base. If the last month has taught us anything about the Republican Party, it is that homophobia is campaign strategy, not conviction. Congressmen who trust their careers to gay staffers vote for laws to enshrine second-class citizenship for gays in the Constitution. Gay appointees and their partners are treated as married people at official ceremonies and social gatherings. Then whenever an election rolls around, the whole team pretends it’s on a mission to save America from gay marriage.


Anonymous Dan Day in Texas said...

Good for you! I'll think of you as I raise my own glass tonight in tribute to New Jersey. Jeez, you don't hear that very often I bet.

10/25/06, 4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go, New Jersey! It almost felt wrong saying that. ;)

I knew this bottle of wine in my fridge would come in handy...

- Josh

10/26/06, 12:49 AM  
Blogger Saul Trabal said...

Hey Scott!

Hmmm. Well, my home state is doing something right...

Still, I'm staying guarded. Already, Dimwit Dubya has been making noise about the "activist judges" in New Jersey. Asswipe...

Given the kind of strength conservatives wield, it wouldn't surprise me if some sort of constitutional amendment banning marriage between homosexuals is added. If Dimwit Dubya and his ilk find that there is any real chance of gay marriage becoming legal, I know they'll try and rush an amendment through to stop it.

I sure hope I'm wrong-but I have an INCREDIBLY annoying tendency to be right about things I don't want to be right about.

Now-if the morons in New Jersey government would do something to help lower auto insurance rates...

10/27/06, 6:58 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

^^^Not too concerned about *that*. ") In fact, I think if rates were higher, more people would be encouraged to walk or buy bikes.

As far as constitutional amendments go, I don't see the state's powerful Democratic party getting behind that... and certainly not at this late date (maybe in 2008, but not in the next week and a half).

By the time they get something like that together, the state will be raking in BILLIONS from gays coming to Atlantic City to get married (at Ivana's Chapel of Love?)

Once NJ sees the money, no serious opposition will remain. (Not that there appears to be any now).

10/28/06, 12:24 PM  
Blogger Saul Trabal said...


LOL, I ride a bike already! Rain, snow, wind-whatever. I've been riding my bike in New York City for almost 24 years.

But frankly, if I did have a car, I wouldn't use it often anyway. I have an elderly mom that I would like to take to the doctors and on rides. And it would certainly help for shopping.

I'd mostly use my bike anyway-unless the weather is REALLY nasty. I've ridden my bike in blizzards, ice storms and heavy rainstorms-plus 5-degree temperatures where the brake cables freeze. Not exactly fun.

Ya know the big irony? NJ has got the most piss-poor road test, where ANY fool can get a license (said driving test being driving around a parking lot). I know because **I** was one of those drivers. I got my license back in 1983. Fortunately, dad knew better, and wouldn't let me take the car unless he was sure I could drive W-E-L-L. At times, he was like a drill seargent.

Good ol' dad. I miss him.

10/30/06, 8:41 PM  

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