Tuesday, October 31, 2006

NY Post Endorses Hillary

Yesterday, the New York Post endorsed Hillary. That's right: the fund raising rag of the radical right likes Hillary, they REALLY like her!


Well, apparently, the Jr Senator from New York State has spent the past six years courting Rupert Murdoch.

They lunch regularly.

And, about two years ago, this tactic paid off, resulting in a marked shift in the Post's Hillary coverage. Translation: she got a warm and fuzzy nickname--"Hill"--which, of course, meant the carpet-bagger had gone native. She'd become "one of us."

Murdoch even hosted a fund raising breakfast for her last summer.

Here's a bit of the endorsement. Do the link for the rest.


Well, so are we - a little. ...

[But H]her positions on numerous issues - particularly involving national security - have been much closer to the political center than we would have expected. ...

What about the White House?

Well, New Yorkers simply expect their major officeholders to be presidential aspirants - and the pols always rise to the bait (occasionally delivering ludicrous results; has anyone seen George Pataki in New York lately?).

So Hillary's caught the bug.

So what?

Right--Now that Murdoch has her as an ally, he's happy to support her Presidential aspirations.


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