Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lucky, Lucky, Lucky

Last night, went to see the NYC Gay Men's Chorus at Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall, which probably qualifies as the gayest thing I've ever done (and, friends, I have done some pretty darn gay things).

I didn't care for the first act. Pop songs with orchestral and choral smoke blown up their asses... including "Do Ron Ron," which must've been inspired by Jersey Boys... Let's just say I wasn't feelin' it.

In fact, it kept reminding me of one of my favorite French & Saunders sketches, where a bunch of divas (divae?) convene to perform a similarly pretentious arrangement of Kylie's "I Should Be So Lucky" (aka, "Lucky Lucky Lucky"). Only (my beloved) Dawn & Jen actually get the joke.

The NYC Gay Men's Chorus... eh, not so much. Big surprise there.

On the other hand, Act 2--"Metamorphosis" (not the Kafka) in 10 movements--was magnificent. Now, that shit is what you go to Lincoln Center to see... or, cosidering how far we were from the stage, to hear.

I've never been to the opera (almost hard to believe, isn't it?) But I plan to remedy that situation first thing next fall, when my buddy, Matty, aka The Opera Prince, gets back from his internship at the Santa Fe Opera.


Blogger operaprince said...

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6/15/06, 8:22 PM  
Blogger operaprince said...

I guess I'll have to take you to something fancy-shmancy...

6/15/06, 8:26 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

You're gonna throw me right into the deep end with no swimmies, aren'tcha?

6/15/06, 8:36 PM  
Anonymous Glenn said...

It would have been funnier if they had performed Metamorphosis as giant cockroaches.

6/16/06, 7:48 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

Dude--That's, like, *exactly* what I was expecting. It was still pretty cool, but I wonder if the whole coming out allegory they were selling might've been better served by the Kafka... Though that would've thrown any possibility of a happy ending out the window, huh? :)

6/16/06, 9:35 AM  
Blogger farmboyz said...

I may have to watch you.
You worry about the latin plural of diva, and you discount the possibility that your readership might be led to thinking of Kafka.

6/21/06, 8:19 PM  

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