Friday, June 23, 2006

7B Watch: Kidnapped!

Stumbled across production on the first (post-pilot) episode of this new NBC series--which is, basically, their answer to 24. Instead of espionage, the intensely serialized show will spend 22 episodes following the kidnapping of a rich, Upper East Side kid by Six Feet Under vet Jeremy Sisto (pictured, though you can't tell). Timothy Hutton also stars (and is also pictured, though, agian, you can't tell... Damn Treo camera!) Just seconds before this, one of them hit the other with a trash can. Fun, fun.

This corner is particularly popular. The brick bar behind them subbed for The Life Cafe (which is actually two blocks up Avenue B) in Chris Columbus's execrable adaption of Rent.

And just last month, Chris Evans, Alicia Keyes and a black-haired Julianne Moore were shooting The Nany Diaries about 20 steps down the street from here. They were very cool. (How does Chris Evans eat so much chocolate cake and keep his girlish figure? I just don't know...)

On the other hand, I'm starting to get why a lot of my neighbors are so pissed about the sheer number of productions that shoot in this two block radius. Witness:


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