Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who's Grand Finale (SPOILERS)

So... people who are watching Dr Who on the Sci-Fi schedule may not want to watch this teaser for Part 1 of Russel T. Davies' two-part grand finale, which airs on Saturday in Britain, but not until two weeks later in the US.

In fact, don't even read on... unless you want to know that the S4 finale is a Dalek invasion featuring... well, everyone who's anyone in RTD's Whoniverse.

Captain Jack (and his Torchwood love interests, Ianto and Gwen)... check. Martha Jones (and her family, and her UNIT buddies)... check. Sarah Jane (and her little pinocchio boy... possibly even her "daft robot dog?")... yeppers.

Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister... (We know who you are!!)

And, of course, Rose Tyler, who's been haunting this season. (Her parents and Mickey reportedly also appear, though they are not featured in the teaser.)

Hope it doesn't disappoint. Notice how the less you actually see the (ridiculously unmenacing) Daleks on camera, the more effective they are?

These will be the last regular Who episodes until 2010 when Steven Moffat takes over, though there will be three or four specials (written and produced by Davies, starring Tennant) next year.


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