Thursday, June 12, 2008

Indy 4 The Way It Could've Been

Frank Darabont's draft is here, and boy, is it good. It's basically the same story as the final film, but done right. Some may recall that, though Spielberg and Ford were ready to commit to this script in 2004,Lucas rejected it... perhaps because he was hell-bent on shoe-horning that damn kid in there. Darabont told him, "You're insane, George." (And the Golden Globe for Stating the Obvious goes to....)

Here's a quick and dirty review of the first 10 pages...

The hot rod across the desert bit happens (with a lizard sunning itself instead of those ridiculous CGI prairie dogs), but it leads almost immediately to reveal Indy watching from a distance, about to enter the Atomic Cafe.

"Damn kids" is the first line. An *excellent* first line. (Already, to me, this is a FAR superior opening and reintroduction of the Indy character than having him removed from the trunk of a car and stand up to retrieve his hat.)

His old buddy Yuri -- the Mac character as a Russian -- exclaims, "American kids, Indy! Having fun! You should try it sometime."

In the diner, a Gogi Grant song Yuri likes is playing. This sets him off. He goes into a stereotypical comic monologue about all the American things he loves (with the twist, of course, that we discover down the road he's actually an enemy agent)... and then he asks Indy what *he* loves.

Indy produces ceramic shards from his nearby Anasazi dig. "This is what I love." He describes the pottery as a match cut moves the action to Indy's nearby dig. Yuri: "Words cannot begin to describe my excitement."

"Yeah, wiseguy? I see you go off everyday and come back empty handed. What are you trying to dig up?"

Yuri deflects: tonight, he's trying to dig up women... that is, if Indy will lend him his truck.

Indy: "Knock yourself out."

Yuri turns serious, says how good it was to bump into Indy, and how grateful he is Indy shared his camp "these past many weeks." He's signed onto a big job overseas. Expedition foreman. "You know how it is. Adventure calls."

Indy: "Well, enjoy it for me."

Yuri: "It no longer calls you?"

Indy: "Nyet. Not me, pal."

Yuri: "You're not the same man I knew all those years ago, my friend, before the war. Back then, adventure had a name."

They share a wistful smile.

It's dusk. The truck pulls out. Indy hikes up a ridge, contemplating a native american flute. Sometime later, he sees a dust trail tear-assing across the desert. "Damn kids." He pulls out his binoculars.

It's not the kids. It's his truck... and it meets another. Yuri climbs out, greets his comrades. New decals are applied, turning the truck into a military vehicle...

The vehicles head off together.

Indy pulls out a map, traces his finger left to: "Restricted Military Test Site."

Indy gazes up after the departing vehicles. Boy, does he *not* want any part of this.

Indy: Aw, nuts.

In camp, moments later, Indy spurs his horse and gallops off down the mountain path...


I haven't finished the script yet, but among the highlights: no Irina Spalko... no Mutt... Marion is actually Marion (and of course, Indy is *actually* Indy). And cameos from Henry Jones and Sallah.


Blogger Blobby said...

I will say the movie exceeded my expectations, since they were SO low.

That being said, I still have bigger issues w/Spielberg NOT being able to ever ever ever ever let go of Close Encounters or AI.

He made the movie DREADFUL.....which was still above my expectations.

Just not putting Kate Capshaw in it, makes it better than ever!

6/14/08, 2:36 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Oh, sweetie--What on earth makes you think *Spielberg* is to blame for the travesty that is Indiana Jones 4???

6/15/08, 9:26 PM  

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