Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dr Who: Silence in the Library by Steven Moffat

Moffat is so #$&*ing clever you want to smack him. Truly, one of the best episodes they have done... A home-run.

I was so into the ghosting scene that I didn't see what it would turn into... Skeletons in space suits--Great visual. And a communicator that repeats their final thoughts--From the same basket of tricks as "Are you my mummy?" to be sure, but still fresh and wonderfully creepy.

Is the girl the computer core? Maybe her whole "life" as a little girl is The Matrix.

And how great was Alex Kingston? Loved the "compare diaries" bit -- "Have we done Asgard?" Um, no. File for 2010, please. :)

Again, an idea Moffat has explored before -- the Doctor encountering someone who knows him but whom he doesn't yet know... but, again, still fresh and very effective.

So does she know The Doctor in *this* regeneration or not? (Is David Tennant sticking around for the Moffat era or what??) They walked the line on that one. She seems to recognize him -- but does she see *him* and not whatever body he's currently wearing? ("Let me see your eyes... You're so young.")

I'd be thrilled if she turned out to be a timelord, but I'm not sure she needs to be one. (And how can she be Romana if he hasn't met her yet?) I'm content with her as a new character... especially if she's to be a big new presence in The Doctor's life in the Moffat era... sort of his Captain Jack, and a new Rose figure -- a major love interest -- rolled into one?

Donna's death was deliciously foreshadowed. Then again, they foreshadowed Rose's death in Series 2 and failed to go through with it at crunch time. Catherine Tate has said that she is only on board for one series. I'd rather she stick around for a while, even if it's as a guest star--She's been such an reinvigorating presence for the show--But if hey won't have access to her, then I tend to think a glorious flame-out is the way to go.


Blogger Bim said...

My only complaint about Moffat's writing is it should be the standard not the exception.

Hopefully when he takes over in 2010 that might happen.

It seems that we have to wade through a lot of poo to find diamonds like this.

6/3/08, 3:46 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

Indeed. Though I do think this season has been very good so far... Donna brings a much-meeded countervaling point of view, and they're running with it.

6/4/08, 8:37 PM  

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