Monday, August 20, 2007

Casting: James McAvoy as Scotty? Bell to Heroes

The UK Daily Mirror is reporting a long-standing rumor that James McAvoy (best known to genre audiences as the son of Maud'dib in Sci-Fi Channel's Children of Dune mini) has been cast as Montgomery Scott in JJ Abrams' Star Trek reboot. As much as I loved Jimmy Doohan--RIP--it'd be nice to have an actual Scotsman in the part.

If true--Paramount has not yet confirmed--McAvoy would be the third actor confirmed for the cast (the first two being Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy, both as Spock).

In other casting news, Kristen Bell--who in the last couple of weeks was thisclose to taking a season-long recurring part on Lost--decided instead to take a short-term recurring gig on Heroes. Apparently, she wasn't too keen on moving to Hawaii.

Update: McAvoy's people are denying this report, but apparently no one is denying that 19 year old TV vet Anton Yelchin has been cast as Chekov... Yelchin was born in St. Petersburg, but has been acting in American TV since he was 9. Still, no confirmation from Paramount, but the source (Zachary Quinto) is fairly reliable.

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Blogger SeangSTM said...

This movie is continuing to gain momentum (not to mention an increasing portion of my limited interest). Doohan was awesome...a sad loss.

KIRK - "Scotty, how long until we can take her out again?"
SCOTTY - "Eight weeks, sir. don't have eight weeks so I'll do it for you in two."
KIRK - "Mr. Scott...have you always multiplied your repair estimates by a factor of four?"
SCOTTY - "Certainly, sir. How else can I keep my reputation as a 'miracle worker?'"


8/20/07, 12:40 PM  

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