Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Weeds Season 3 Premiere

Thanks to my buddy Chris for this link to the season 3 premiere of Weeds, which premieres Monday, August 13th on Showtime. (Password is MONDAYS.)

The ep was fantastic. It moved last season's hair-pulling set of cliffhangers forward to another, more personal -- and, if anything, more apocalyptic -- cliffhanger, in the process crossing a line (with Celia) that I didn't think they'd cross.

Poor Nancy. When your kid getting arrested is the least of your worries, you know you're having a bad day.

BTW, can also check out the pilot to David Duchovny and Jake Kasdan's new series, Californication, at the link above. Haven't watched it yet, but given the pedigree and subject matter, I'm hoping it's good.

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