Saturday, August 25, 2007

Amy Winehouse Beats The Crap Out of Hubby

Britain's highly respected Daily Mail published these photos yesterday after Blake reportedly walked in on Amy (at Claridges, where they've been staying since quitting a 20,000 pound-per-week rehab... again... last week).

She was about to get high--with drugs she scored on the street in front of witnesses... off a hooker, no less.

A fight erupted and--Well. She basically beat the shit out of him. Heh.

I know this is not my usual fare, but I love Winehouse's music, and--I mean, c'mon, admit it... Sometimes you just can't help loving the British tabs for being even more toxic than the celebutards they stalk.

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Anonymous Rob Rodriguez said...

That chick is a train wreck with a hell of a voice.

But you are right about the British Tabloids. And she has been a particular fav for them over the last couple of years. Then again she gives them so much ammo.

8/26/07, 11:45 PM  

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