Monday, July 30, 2007

Gaiman's Death: The High Cost of Living Movie

Another looong-gestating project moves forward. Death: The High Cost of Living is definitely one of Gaiman's best graphic novels. The plot, in a nutshell: once every hundred years, Death (Dream's older sister--Lovely girl) spends a day as a mortal (in this case, hanging around the West Village, blending in perfectly).

So it's a "day in the life" -- of Death. And it's utterly charming.
Gaiman went on to reveal that the project is moving along at a fairly decent clip. Guillermo del Toro will executive-produce the film, and it will likely be shot under the auspices of Picturehouse, for which del Toro directed the award-winning dark fantasy Pan's Labyrinth. "We have a budget," Gaiman said. "The biggest problem that Death has had is, because it's got Sandman characters, it all has to be somewhere under the giant Warner Brothers umbrella. So we started out at Warner Brothers, moved to New Line, went from New Line to Warner Independent Pictures, and we have now moved to Picturehouse. It's all Time-Warner, but it's weird, because you're like dancing from one tentacle to the other of the corporate octopus. So I believe right now that Picturehouse is closing their version of the deal with Warner Brothers and with New Line."
Source: Sci-Fi Wire

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