Friday, October 06, 2006

EVill TV: Galactica 3X01 & 02

Wow. For a change, the show deserves its accolades. This was a fine return to form after a largely shitty second year. These two episodes were bold, poltiical, thought-provoking -- In short, immensely satisfying.

Random thoughts:

Ellen -- What at first appeared to be a gratuitous sex scene with (of all people) her husband had me cringing. And then I was *riveted* when we realize it's Brother Cavel, and she's doing it to secure Tigh's release.

Starbuck and Leoben -- Creepy. More Cylon psychodrama, but well-executed. Like a sci-fi Virginia Woolfe. But why does Leoben want Starbuck to love him? In the counterpart plot from the first season, they were trying to induce a human (Helo) to fall in love with a Cylon (who he didn't know was a Cylon) -- Sharon -- because they beleived that, with love would come successful procreation.

Which resulted in the humlon baby, Hera.

But with Starbuck, they already took her eggs. So... are they after an immaculate conception, or what?

I was amazed at how easily Tigh morphed into a radical imam.

The Cylons -- We're in their councils now. We're learning where they stand on the issues, how they think, and it's about time. It adds a lot. (Who knew the Cylon were neocons?)

Loved the "offer Baltar couldn't refuse" scene -- both on the face of it, and especially for its political subtext.

Love the way the webisodes fill you in on Duck's backstory without giving away the fact that they were the diary of a heroic suicide bomber. Clever boys.

I'm thinking this 6 episode arc will go down as the show's finest hours.

What did you guys thinks?


Blogger palochi said...

And then there's Ellen's betrayal...

Leoben's obviously trying to "manufacture" a family and love. However, I'm not quite believing Kara is Kasey's genetic mom quite yet. She could've been a survivor from any number of attack that Leoben has been trying to raise as "their" kid.

Tigh rocks. They turned a somewhat annoying character into brilliance.

I want to know why Gaeta's "grown up" and gotten so rebelious so quickly. I think there's more going on there than meets the eye.

Baltar was probably the most well written. What DO you do if you have a gun to your head and they just blew away your only defender? And how well did that scene completely show Cylon guilt? They're like a bunch of desperate children.

10/9/06, 1:29 PM  

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