Wednesday, October 11, 2006

EVill TV: Lost 3X02: The Glass Ballerina

Love this episode's writers. Drew Goddard did so much good work in the last season of Angel, "Origin" in particular (the one where Connor came back.) And Jeff Tinker wrote one of my favorite Alias episodes, "Time Will Tell" from the first season. (I always thought that episode contained the seed of a series mythology that was never properly realized...)

I do wish they didn't always have to lose to The Others by being stupid. They always come by water. Hello?

That said, I really enjoyed this one... and the last one. Dare I say it's shaping up to be a decent season? Maybe being forced to conceive a six episode mini-season was good for them.

Seems like this show will always need to freshen-up with major new characters and situations, though. I mean, I find myself hoping they never go back to the beach. Just find the next set of Others to hang out with. And the next. Etc.

I suppose it goes without saying at this point that Michael Emerson (Henry/Ben) is just awesome. What does he want with "that boat?" Was he the adolescent son of one of the original Dharmans? Or does his comment to Juliette--"You never made me soup"--suggest that he was once in a position similar to Jack's? (i.e., a newbie ... who used his creepy, Lecter-like powers of manipulation to take over...?)

...Maybe it just meant that they were intimate at one time and are now on the outs...

I was surprised at the observation they gave Sawyer--that Juliette "would've pulled the trigger, no problem." [stockholm]But--but--she's the niceone...[/stockholm]


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