Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lost: New Dhamra Video Shown at Comic Con

This year's installment of the Dr Marvin Candle/DHARMA videos, teasing the next season of Lost, was shown yesterday at Comic Con.

The implied bottom line: looks like the Losties are gonna have to figure out a way to change history so that the Dharma purge never takes place. Hmmmmm...

In related news, on Friday HBO elected not to renew Tell Me You Love Me, co-starring Lost's Sonya Wagler, for a second season. This could mean we'll be seeing more of Penelope Widmore.

Alan Dale, who plays her father, Charles Widmore -- who is quite possibly the show's Big Bad -- has been locked down as a recurring player for Season 5 with an option to bump him up to series regular for Season Six, which is the show's last.

Producers made the same deal with John Terry, who plays Jack's (dead) father.

Lost Season 5 premieres in early 2009 (probably late January or early February).


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