Monday, June 11, 2007

John from Cincinnati

This is what they cancelled Deadwood for? The best series of the last 15, maybe even 20 years?


I recognized a few of the names on the writing staff -- Ted Mann, for example. Meh. He's done some good work -- mostly cop-show related, obviously, but some magic realism, too (first season of Millennium, which was pretty good stuff).

Bill Clark, from NYPD Blue, is also back on board with Milch (though he wasn't involved with Deadwood).

I'm definitely disappointed not to see more Deadwood names on the staff, both writers and directors.

I hated Rebecca DeMornay--Tough and ornery broads are fine, but where's the charm that induces us to like and root for her despite her leathery, reptillian demeanor?
"Fuck all of you -- I wish I was a tree!" --Trixie, Deadwood.
Actually, It's too bad they couldn't get Paula Malcolmson for this. (Maybe she's too young -- But someone who could do what she did so well, anyway. Instead, they went for a name. Well, sort of a name.)

Deadwood was unusual for Milch because it had so many strong, incredibly interesting female characters (and, btw, female writers, such as Elizabeth Sarnoff, now on Lost). Before Deadwood, the misogynist label followed his shows around (NYPD Blue), and I'm afraid this series will revert to form in that regard.

If that happens, it'll probably drive me off no matter how intriguing the magic realism element gets.

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