Thursday, May 10, 2007

Glen Morgan tapped as Bionic Woman showrunner

So, not only has the Bionic Woman remake (starring Eastenders-alum Michelle Ryan in the Lindsay Wagner role) received the order to staff-up (indicating it will be on NBC's fall schedule, probably in the time period following Heroes), but check out who they've tapped to run it:
Meanwhile, NBC's hot sci-fi drama "The Bionic Woman," which received a thumbs up to begin staffing late last week, has tapped Glen Morgan for a two-year show deal to potentially serve as executive producer/co-showrunner with David Eick if the show is picked up to series as expected.
Glen Morgan and his then-partner, Jim Wong, wrote almost all the X-Files episodes worth freaking out over during the show's first first, second and fourth seasons. They bowed out of Season 3 to create cult-favorite Space: Above and Beyond. Later, they ran the brilliant second season of Millennium.

Morgan hasn't worked in TV in 7 years. (Morgan's emmy-winning brother, Darin, also wrote some of the best XF and Millennium episodes, so let's hope he gets tapped for some freelance BW scripts.)

This project just went from possibly worth sampling to must-see TV.

Oh, BTW, looks like Pushing Daisies, Bryan Fuller's ABC pilot about a private detective who talks to dead people, is going to series, too. Which is both good and bad news: good because Fuller is fantastic and deserves his own show. Bad because it means Heroes is losing its best writer.

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