Sunday, April 08, 2007

Dr Who 3X02: "The Shakespeare Code" by Gareth Roberts SPOILERS

I liked the episode -- though, as with last week's hospital-set season premiere, perhaps not as much as its counterpart from last season ("Tooth & Claw").

I've seen a bit of comparison to Tom Stoppard, and I like Stoppard very much (R&G Are Dead and Shakespeare in Love are particular favorites), but I wouldn't go that far.

I would compare it favorably to Neil Gaiman, though. I particularly liked the Naming, and the comparison of magic to mathetmatics: "it's science of a different sort."

Christina Cole was delicious as the main witch--Her moustache twirling was the best thing about the whole ep.

And the period detail was just marvelous.

I liked the bit about the Doctor storing his captives (bound by their crystal ball) in the TARDIS's "attic." I imagine it's not the first time that's been done in Who, but I thought it was clever -- and in keeping with the Gaiman vibe. (Gaiman had Dream lock a couple of demons in a bottle. Then, he locked the bottle in a trunk and forgot about them for many years.)

BTW, though I thought the script was stuffed to bursting with quips and one-liners, I do admit that the Harry Potter one was marvelous--I hope we actually see Martha reading Book 7 in the TARDIS sometime in the next couple of episodes. (Traveling with the Doctor *should* have its priveleges, after all.)

My one gripe is Shakespeare. Didn't buy him for a second. I have no problem with the "sexy Shakespeare" approach, but this actor came off like he'd be more at home in a cop show. It was a charmless, wooden performance. Worse, the script had him more or less constantly spouting modern slang. (If he said "as if...!" one more time...)

I think if they'd cast a better actor the ep might've ben a home-run. Oh, well...

Next Week: Return to New New York, where The Face of Boe will reveal his big secret.

The week after that: Old New York.


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