Monday, April 02, 2007

Duchovny Talks Up X-Files 2

Funny how DD only ever really talks about this project when he's promoting other stuff, eh?

The cynic in me says he does so not because he realistically believes there's been any movement on the long-aborning XF2, but because he wants his legions of XF fans to check out his new wares. Which, in this case, is a promising Showtime series he's doing with Judd Apatow and Jake Kasdan called The TV Set.

Duchovny claims, in the interview linked above, that they're just hammering out the deal for XF2 now, and they expect to shoot next year. The long-standing rumor is that the project would be a stand-alone supernatural thriller/horror piece... which, if true, would certainly cost them my ten bucks.

You don't find out in the first movie that the end of the world is nigh -- in about 15 years, to be exact -- then return to the characters 10 years later (a mere four years from zero hour in 2012) only to find that mutant crocodiles eating dogs in the Everglades (or whatever) has taken precedence. Hello? They have that whole threat to the lives of every man, woman and child on earth issue to deal with.

Plus, you don't call the first film "Fight the Future" and then return to the characters ten years later to find that they've been doing anything but. It's retarded.

Of course, logic not being Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz's strong suit, I expect that's *exactly* what they will do, and--again--it will cost them my ten bucks.

The only way I can see myself getting excited about this is if we find out that former producers Morgan & Wong ... or DD himself... are writing it. But that doesn't seem too likely, does it? Last I heard, Carter was insisting on writing and directing.

Not promising, nope. Not promising a'tall.


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