Saturday, July 01, 2006

EVill Comics, 6/28

Most of the books I love (or love to hate) seem to come out the third Wednesday of the month, so this was a paltry week.

I decided to take a pass on the Civil War tie-ins, a whole bunch of which debuted this week, because none of the writers involved do anything for me. (And one, I actively dislike. I also dislike his work.)

I did get Brave New World, skimmed it, and liked the content more than I thought I would. Which is to say: I'm definitely on the hook for at least one of the new titles sampled therein.

The Freedom Fighters monthly looks really interesting. It's political. It articulates the more realistic, "shades of grey" worldview I was hoping to find the DCU embrace post-Infinite Crisis. And the artwork is fucking awesome. Behold:

The OMAC preview also took me by surprise: it's aimed at an older audience, it takes a bigger bite out of its characters than is typical in a mainstream, superhero comic, and--again--the artwork (by Renato Guedes) is very good:

I was less into the Shazam preview. The retro vibe to the artwork--very cool. But. the. writing. There are no words. (Nor should there have been.)

The Martian Manhunter sample disappointed me. It featured none of the wry sense of humor, or exotic alien-ness of the JM DeMatteis take on the character. And the artwork wasn't so hot, either.

John Byrne's pencils on the new Atom title are his best work in years, IMO, and I plan to take a closer look. Interesting that Grant Morrison gets a "development" credit. "Based on ideas and concepts devleoped by..." They really *are* putting a lot of the DCU revamp on him. (He takes over Batman next month. Hmmmm... No one but Frank Miller and Alan Moore ever really got me interested in Batman. But if anything else came close, it was Morrison's Arkham Asylum.)

And, as for the big reveal... I admit, I find it interesting. Especially the apparent presence of the Anti-Monitor in the background. Interesting, and--I hope--not at all derivative of Marvel's funky cosmic Watchers.
I also hope they're going somewhere with this. The last time The Monitor was watching Earth, it was the year leading up to the Crisis. Are these Monitors doing likewise, setting up next year's big DCU Event Titles?

Got one Marvel book this week--Runaways--and, I must admit, I'm losing interest.


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