Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Sweetest Part

of tonight's primary results was not Hillary's decisive victories in Ohio (14 points) and Rhode Island (18 points), no. Or her squeeker victory in Texas.

Those were sweet, no question.

But nope. The SWEETEST part of all this is rabid neocon Hillary-hater Andrew Sullivan's despair:
I couldn't watch [Hillary's victory speech].

No, of course you couldn't. You couldn't bear to hear the truth, as Hillary put it: "Not one candidate for their party's nomination, Democrat or Republican, has gone on to win the White House without winning the Ohio primary."

Sullivan continues:
I just had a Jager shot, and hope to get drunk very soon. So this is my last post of the night.

Mmmm... I suppose the only way that could be sweeter is if he promised it was his last post ever.


Blogger Alan Scott said...

Anyone who drinks Jagermeister can't be expected to make intelligent choices.

3/6/08, 9:33 AM  

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