Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trek Casting Update

A couple weeks back, there was much speculation that actor Mike Vogel had won the part of James T. Kirk in director JJ Abrams' big-budget Star Trek reboot, which starts shooting next month. But today's Hollywood Reporter declares that actor Chris Pine is "in discussions" to play Kirk.

Pine, 27, is third generation Hollywood. Dunno about his training, but he's been acting in TV and films for about five years. Anyway, he looks the part (see right). I expect we'll find out in the next few days if he actually has it, though the article probably wouldn't have gone to press if his people hadn't approved it. And they wouldn't have approved it if they thought it jeopardized his chances. Anyway, we'll see.

Meanwhile, they've at least settled on an actor to play the Romulan heavy: Eric Bana, who starred in Spielberg & Kushner's brilliant Munich (and Ang Lee's less-than-brilliant Hulk). An excellent choice -- far better, IMO, than Russel Crowe, who had long been rumored to be in talks for the part. (Crowe is an excellent actor, but Bana is better.)

Karl Urban (Eomer in the LOTR films) is also rumored to have been cast -- in an unknown part. (Possibly second banana to Bana's heavy?)

The cast so far: Bana as Nero (who presumably will fiddle while Romulus burns); Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto as Old Spock and Young Spock, respectively; Zoe Saldana as Uhura; Anton Yelchin as Chekov.

This leaves Scotty and Bones uncast. Paul McGillion is among those rumored to be up for Scotty. If anyone has been rumored for Bones, I haven't heard about it.

As far as plot, it's rumored to feature Romulans from the post-Next Generation era going back in time on a mission to kill James T. Kirk. Old Spock (last seen on Romulus) learns of this, and is able to warn his younger self. And much hilarity ensues. While the plot to kill Kirk ultimately fails, all this tampering with history does apparently create a new timeline (freeing Abrams, et al, to do what they want with established continuity, including big screen remakes of classic episodes).

Co-writer Roberto Orci, perhaps coincidentally, told that two of his favorite episodes are TNG's "Yesterday's Enterprise" (which features a time travel plot quite similar to the above rumor) and TOS' "Balance of Terror," which is essentially a u-boat movie in which Kirk must match wits against a cunning Romulan commander... Hmmmm. "Yesterday's Enterprise" meets "Balance of Terror." If that's not the movie they're making, I'm gonna end up wishing it was.

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Blogger Mark G. said...

Looks like Simon Pegg will be Scotty.

I hate to be so negative about this movie, but I can't help myself. I already think its too gimmicky to have old Spock, but time travel as well?

10/12/07, 11:52 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

I'm thrilled at the chance to see Nimoy as Old Spock -- particularly thrilled at the chance to see Nimoy as Old Spock in a post-Unification time period... It's always been a pet peeve that this character never had a proper resolution. They left him there, presumably to be picked up in future episodes (which Nimoy says he was willing to do)... but Rick Berman (cheapskate that he was) never asked.

I don't see what's gimmicky about including him here (especially given the story, which sort of necessitates his involvement).

As far as time travel... it's always been a staple, particularly in the most successful movies (IV, First Contact).

10/13/07, 4:46 PM  
Blogger SeangSTM said...

I guess if you're looking for a reboot of the franchise using every lame trick they used before (albeit successfully), I can see how you'd be excited.

I'm getting less and less excited now. :(

10/22/07, 12:35 PM  

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