Sunday, October 07, 2007

Buffy #10

doesn't ship til January, it's true, but Dark Horse released this description and image for the issue (written by Joss Whedon) today:

Buffy and Willow meet a demon who reveals a dim future, forcing the two to reflect on their past. Meanwhile, back in Scotland, Dawn confides in Xander the deed that led to her mysterious growth spurt.

Series creator Joss Whedon writes Buffy Season Eight #10 with veteran Buffy artist Cliff Richards serving as guest penciller.

Everybody who loved the show is following this series, right? You read it, and you absolutely believe "this is what happens next." It's not some cheezy licensed adaption. It is the show--in another medium, albeit one where they can do things like this:

The current storyline, written by Brian K Vaughan, has Faith recruited by Giles to kill a rogue slayer who is set on killing Buffy. (Kinda ironical, huh?)


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