Friday, April 13, 2007

Lost 3X16: "One of Us" by Cuse & Goddard

This was an *awesome* episode.

Great scrpit by Cuse & Goddard. Questions were asked -- Not answered, for the most part, but at least they were asked, and that's something.

Great acting -- Those highly-charged scenes with Mithcell and Emerson (especially the scene where Juliet knocked the glass out of Ben's hand). The bit with Sayid--"If I told you, you'd kill me." "What do you think I'll do if you don't?"

Hurley's threat to Juliet was especially creepy -- given the source. "We buried [Ethan] over there."

No surprise that Juliet's there on assignment, but I like the way they're approaching it. They've had spies in the camp before, of course, but the twist is that, this time, we know about it from the start. They're approaching it as suspense, not surprise. The tension is over the question of what she's there to do, not *whether* she's there to do something. (There's also the question of whether she'll ultiamtely go through with it, since her feelings for Jack are not part of the ruse.)

I especially liked the way Jack articulated the true difference between the Losties and the Others: the Losties want to get off the island. The Others don't.

And, on that basis, he *is* right about Juliet, even if she is still working for Ben. (And why is she still working for Ben? Because she doesn't want to live on a beach for the rest of her life? Or because, on some level, she believes in what they're doing?)

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