Monday, January 15, 2007

Speaking of. . .

brilliant HBO shows, here's some news about The Sorpanos (RIP) and Deadwood (RIP).

LOS ANGELES -- The last ride for "The Sopranos" is still scheduled for this spring, but creator David Chase couldn't quite let go with eight episodes.

As such, HBO has added a ninth episode to the show's final run, which also now has a definite premiere date: Sunday, April 8. "Entourage" will also return that night, wrapping up its third season with eight episodes.

For those of you marking your calendars, then, that's 86 days until Tony (James Gandolfini) and Co. grace the screen again [and for the last time].

Speculation on what happens in the final season? Will Tony end in prison, WitSec, dead... or (my personal pic) strollin' down the driveway in his underwear to pick up the Star-Ledger (aka, still very much who he was at the start of the pilot)?

And what about the rest of the cast?

Then there's Deadwood. Fuckin' Deadwood. For those losing faith that we'll ever see a proper resolution to the saga of Al Swearengen, Seth Bullock, and the civilization they built in them thar hills, series creator David Milch promises that the two wrap-up movies commissioned by HBO are still on track.

If all goes well, they will both shoot next summer. Production should ramp up after Milch finishes the first season of his new HBO show, the surfer-noir thriller John from Cincinnatti.
He also begs alienated Deadwood fans to give the new show a chance--and I will, but nothing can replace Deadwood.

So--Same question, re: Deadwood: What happens to the major characters? Bear in mind--the show has used history as a starting point, but not necessarily an ending point.

I'm hoping Swearengen gets a happy ending -- muttering a soliloquoy to the indian head in a box on his balcony as he surveys the city he built. Somehow, I don't think he's gonna get that happy ending, but I can hope, can't I?


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