Thursday, January 11, 2007


is like a degenerate gambler, manically doubling-down again and again in the hopes that one big, miraculous score will get him out of the hole.

Ain't gonna happen.

If he attacks Iran, we have to impeach him -- and Cheney.

I don't favor impeachment. I think it corrodes our system when one party uses the process to criminalize the policies of an opponent they can't beat on the merits. But this is different. The people have spoken -- And Bush has ignored them, as he has ignored countless laws, not to mention facts.

If he starts a third (or is it fourth?) war, it becomes imperative to remove his finger from the trigger -- 'cause, whether he realizes it or not, he's got the gun cocked and pointed right at our collective head.

At that point, I expect there would be significant bipartisan support for removing him/them.


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