Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sherman-Palladinos Set Up Next Series At Fox

Gilmore Girls is one of those rare TV series with an auctorial voice, and that (brilliant, screwball) voice is Amy Sherman Palladino's. Unfortunately, ASP and her husband/producing partner, Daniel Palladino, left the show last spring over a contract dispute. Of course, Warner Brothers decided to continue the show without them. (I feel so bad for those actors.) I--and I suspect, many others--will not watch a dumbed-down, generic TV version of this show.

OK, that's a lie: I will sample out of morbid curiosity, but as far as I'm concerned, GG is now akin to post-Sorkin West Wing: dead to me.

But there's a ray of hope in today's Variety, which reports that ASP is moving ahead with her first post-Gilmore project. Behold:
"Gilmore Girls" creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has set up her next series project, landing a put pilot at Fox Broadcasting Co.
Deal comes just weeks after Sherman-Palladino and husband Dan Palladino ankled "Gilmore" after failing to come to terms with Warner Bros. TV on a new deal.

No studio is attached to Sherman-Palladino's new project, a half-hour dramedy that will revolve around two estranged sisters who reunite after one of them agrees to carry the other's baby.

Sherman-Palladino will write and exec produce the pilot; she may direct.


Anonymous PopMuse said...

I love that you are such a GilGirls fanatic! What is a fan to do? you have to watch even though it wont be the same, you have to see how the show ends no?

8/3/06, 7:56 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Well, that's the thing: we will never see how Gilmore Girls ends--cause it won't be Gilmore Girls anymore.

Same actors, same sets--but, like West Wing from season 5 onward, it won't be the same show. It likely won't even be an approximation, because the new showrunner will want to make it his own.

Which is understandable--if he's gonna fall on his face, he should get to fall on his face going with his own instincts, not someone else's.

But *his* instincts are not what I signed up for.

That said, I will totally sample the season premiere, and if I like it, I'll stick around--but if I don't, I'm gone. I don't have the stomach to watch the zombification of shows I love.

8/3/06, 8:21 PM  

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