Friday, August 11, 2006

Nolan to Remake "The Prisoner"

Source: Variety

Universal Pictures is near a deal for Christopher Nolan to direct a feature version of TV series classic "The Prisoner."

Janet and David Peoples are set to write the script. Scott Stuber, Mary Parent, Barry Mendel and Emma Thomas will produce.

The series lasted only 17 episodes in 1967. Patrick McGoohan played a government agent who resigns, is kidnapped and placed on an isolated island known as the Village. He's given a new identity -- Number Six -- and interacts with an island staff trying to get him to reveal why he resigned.

The plan is for Nolan to direct a contemporized transformation after he completes "The Dark Knight," the "Batman Begins" sequel that begins production early next year at Warner Bros.

Stuber and Parent took on the project as they kicked off their Stuber/Parent banner at U, where the film has become a high priority. Director and scribes are experienced in paranoid fare. Nolan directed the thrillers "Memento" and "Insomnia," Janet and David Peoples wrote "Twelve Monkeys" together, and David Peoples co-wrote "Blade Runner."

But... Granada has a 10 million pound TV remake of its own gestating with Christopher Eccleston in the lead.

Wouldn't it be nice if the Nolan project could supercede this one -- and inherit its lead actor? (Though it's safe to assume Universal wants Nolan to Americanize it.)

Can we please just not have dueling Prisoner remakes? It's embarrassing. What is this, "The Poseiden Adventure?"


Blogger circleinasquare said...

"The Poseidon Adventure"
I laughed.
I cried.
It became a part of me.

8/11/06, 6:48 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

I'm almost afraid to ask *what* part it became . . . :)

8/12/06, 2:51 PM  

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