Tuesday, July 11, 2006

EVill Pipeline

Sorry about the quiet time for the last few days. Vacation ended (grumble), and I returned to a massive shitstorm at work. Also, I literally bought one comic book last week (which I'll review with tomorrow's batch).

There's a bunch of stuff in the pipeline, including a big Dr Who Series 2 overview with blurbs on every episode. (Still haven't seen the season finale, but I plan to watch it tonight.)

Also finally got my grubby hands on a copy of the Studio 60 pilot (as well as a couple of other NBC pilots that were picked up for the fall).

Anyway, polishing a review of that (and the script for the first episode), as well.

Will definitely see and review Pirates of the Caribbean this weekend (though that may be the last big budget summer movie worth seeing), and if I'm feeling ambitious, the Strangers with Candy movie, as well.


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