Sunday, July 16, 2006

All in all, a disappointing season, I thought. I expect a better ratio of success-to-failure from these writers.

Very much looking forward to seeing last season's best character, Captain Jack, in Torchwood. We've also been told to expect him back on Who next season... but I take that with a grain of salt. if Torchwood hits, they'll certainly want to commission a second series.

I'm also looking forward to Who's new female lead, Freyma Agyeman. My initial impression (from her guest spot as an unrelated character in "Doomsday Part 1") is that she's a much better actress than Billie Piper. [snark]But then, it would be hard not to be.[/snark]

Plus, there was something ... weird about having Rose with Tennant's Doctor. The vibe between them just wasn't the same as it was with Eccleston-- though they never dealt with that, they just pretended it WAS.

Oh, well.

Doctor Who returns at Christmas in "The Runaway Bride," and Series 3 drops Spring 2007. Torchwood debuts... Fall 2006?

*Whew* Maybe saving all these up for one big overview wasn't the best idea. Will try to review episodes a la carte when the Fall season starts.


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