Friday, June 29, 2007

Carbombs in London and Glasgow

MSNBC (TV) is reporting that a second car packed with explosives has been found in the area. They're showing video of parts of Hyde Park being evacuated as well, but Peter Clarke of Scotland Yard is on now saying the car was found in Cockspur Street near Trafalgar, less than a mile from the first one in Haymarket St, Piccadilly.

MSNBC is now speculating that there are three cars in total (so far). The third one is a SAAB found in Park Lane alongside Hyde Park. The SAAB has yet to be officially linked to all this. The other two cars were Mercedes.

Apparently, Buckingham Palace has been evacuated. I haven't seen this reflected elsewhere--Just on MSNBC TV--but the video makes it seem like the police presence is in that narrow corridor at the bottom of Park Lane, where Hyde Park and Green Park nearly touch (Hyde Park Corner?), which would be unnervingly close to the Palace, indeed.

I know some Ex Islers are planning to attend the London Pride festivities (and Dr Who series finale screening in Hyde Park) tomorrow. Please, guys--be careful.

MSNBC is also reporting three "persons of interest" from the Birmingham area are being sought in London.

Update: Looks like at least one group of these fuckers took their shot. In Glasgow, of all places.

When are we gonna ditch the distractions and focus in on wiping Al Qaeda, and the malignant ideology from which it sprang, off the face of the earth?

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