Thursday, December 21, 2006

Update: Cirignano Charged with Assault

So... This guy has been charged with misdemeanor assault & battery.
“I did not push anyone to the ground,” Mr. Cirignano said in an e-mailed statement. “I had a portfolio in one hand and escorted the lady back into the crowd and left. I never touched her shoulders and she apparently thought that she could draw a foul like it was a basketball game by falling down. Great theater, not Academy Award material.

By which I take it he plans to plead not guilty. Unfortunately for him, his story contradicts not just the victim's, but that of several eyewitnesses, as well. For example:
At the time of incident, I was with the pro-equality folks at the front of our circle," Robarge reported. "There was no one in front of me. Ms. Loy was within the anti-marriage group but only about 20 or 15 feet away from me."

Robarge said he saw Loy being pushed. "There was a hand on each of her shoulders and then she fell," he continued. "The back of her head hit the ground. I did not see the face connected to the hands."

The eyewitness reported that he was concerned for her safety, so he dropped the sign he was holding and rushed toward Loy "because there were people around her, but they didn’t do anything to help. That’s why I didn’t see his face right away. There were people around obstructing my view."

As he went to assist Loy, Robarge said he saw a man heading through the crowd, away from Loy, and back towards the podium. "I did see that it was Mr. Cirignano," he told EDGE. "He had just spoken. I had just seen him at the podium. I didn’t know who he was but recognized him as the speaker."

Police officers came up to where Loy was lying on the ground. According to Robarge, one said, "You need to get out of here. You need to get back where you are supposed to be. You need to get her out of here, too." There was no apparent concern for Loy’s well-being, Robarge added. He was one of several witnesses who later made statements to police about the incident. Police also interviewed Loy and Cirignano.

Meanwhile, local pro gay marriage groups, smelling blood in the water, have begun to call for Cirignano's ouster. If he doesn't "resign" (read: get fired) by the end of the year, I'll be surprised... This is not the kind of guy they want identified with their cause... though, for the same reason, I hope he manages to hang on (because he *is* such a perfect spokesman for this "cause").

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Blogger Woodstock said...

"Great theater, not Academy Award material."

Mr. Cirignano must have been in a hall of mirrors when he wrote that gem.

Was not leaping from the lectern to approach Ms. Loy, of itself, an act of theatrics?

What happened next I will trust to the courts, but from the evidence provided thus far I am displeased with Mr. Cirignano. I am
a Catholic man, too, from the same generation as he. I was brought up to countenance the Christ in every man, and the Virgin
in every woman. Perhaps this concept seems quaint. But it way of life that leads to consideration and respect of others. The
instruction was to love one's enemies, after all.

As a Catholic I am displeased by Mr. Cirignano's arrogance and lack of contrition.

12/21/06, 7:37 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Was not leaping from the lectern to approach Ms. Loy, of itself, an act of theatrics?<<<

Excellent point. Thanks for the comment.

12/21/06, 8:19 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

As for "lack of contrition," he apparently responded to a gay man's email with... well... see for yourselves.

12/21/06, 8:21 PM  

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