Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lauren Graham to Studio 60

for two episodes.

A well-placed source tells me that Lauren Graham will appear in a two-episode arc later this fall playing... Lauren Graham! Per my mole, she'll serve as the guest host of Studio 60's fictional SNL-esque show within a show.

This bit of stunt casting makes sense on so many levels. First off, silver-tongued Graham reciting Aaron Sorkin's golden prose? A marriage made in TV heaven. ...

It seriously is. Maybe Lauren Graham recur as Lauren Graham... (She would've made a killer Jordan McDeere.) Especially since this is almost certainly Gilmore Girls' last season. (Without Amy Sherman Palladino, it will be a mercy killing.)


Blogger Blobby said...

There is almost no one better to do Aaron Sorkin material than Lauren Graham.

Maybe when Gilmore Girls ends she can be a regular.

8/31/06, 10:06 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

yeah, as herself. a bunch of actors did it in Larry Sanders (one of the sources of inspiration for the show)--e.g., David Duchovny.

As for Graham and Sorkin's dialogue... We'll see. This wiould seem to afford the opportunity for Sorkin to *write* the Lorelai character -- within the context of a skit.

Wonder if we will glimpse a full-on Gilmore Girls parody?? How cool would that be??

9/1/06, 1:03 AM  

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