Saturday, July 22, 2006

Singer Talks Superman Returns Sequel

Bryan Singer told the audience at Comic Con in San Diego this weekend that, while the deal is not yet in place, he does intend to make a second Superman film (for release in 2009). He said it would give him the chance to "go all Wrath of Khan." (It's clear that he saw X-Men 2--which is, IMO, the best superhero film ever made--as a similar opportunity.)

In an interview with, Singer indicates that the film will harvest many seeds planted in Superman Returns (duh). He expects it will feature more action (yeah, OK) and that it will be shorter (*whew*).


Blogger Pete said...

And an ending that we won't want to stick pins in our eyes. Oh please make it so.

7/25/06, 12:31 AM  
Blogger Saul Trabal said...


You know, I haven't been to a theater in several years. News like this is why. My VCRs are collecting dust, and my DVD player RARELY gets used these days.

I know Hollywierd isn't the place for thoughtful entertainment and (gasp) originality, but jeeze...the west coast is on remake overdrive here. For instance-I'm a big Xena fan (even though I haven't seen an episode in 5 years), but I am STRONGLY against a Xena movie. 6 years and 134 episodes is enough. It's time to move onto something different.

I think I'll pass on this Supes movie that's out now, and any sequels that come after it. Not my cup of tea. Sorry.

7/25/06, 12:38 AM  
Blogger palochi said...

Superman 2: The Wrath of Kon...El?


7/27/06, 3:30 PM  

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